Plug Into the sun

Save up to 80% on your electricity bills for the next 25+ years!

The Solar Revolution is now

Not only WILL YOU enjoy cost savings on your electricity bills, there are passive benefits from powering your home with solar.

Earn credits by Selling EXCESS ENERGY BACK TO THE GRID

Reduce Climate Disasters, help get the world to Zero greenhouse gas emissions

Increase Your Property Value and Generate your own Electricity

Our Recent pRojects

Fidelio Street

System Size: 13.475 kWp

Energy Savings: 1475 kWh/mth

Monthly Savings: $250.84

Completed in Aug 2021

Jalan Gelanggang

System Size: 11.34 kWp

Energy Savings: 1241 kWh/mth

Monthly Savings: $304.18

Completed in Aug 2021

Jalan Istimewa

System Size: 15.05 kWp

Energy Savings: 1648 kWh/mth

Monthly Savings: $280.16

Completed in Aug 2021

Pasir Panjang Road

System Size: 10.26 kWp

Energy Savings: 1123 kWh/mth

Monthly Savings: $190.99

Completed in Aug 2021

Aroozoo Avenue

System Size: 11.61 kWp

Energy Savings: 1271 kWh/mth

Monthly Savings: $179.76

Completed in Aug 2021

Riverina Crescent

System Size: 12.9 kWp

Energy Savings: 1255 kWh/mth

Monthly Savings: $260.76

Completed in Aug 2021

Featured on CNA

our climate change efforts Through Solar

1230 tons

C02 Emissions Reduced


Cars off the road


Trees Planted

Growing List of Happy Customers!

Our customers rate us 5 stars every time. Customer experience is important to us. Our quick responses and quality detailed work is what PMCE is known for. The PMCE experience!

“I am glad to have chosen PMCE to undertake Solar Panel Installation for my home. Highly professional in service delivery. Satish and his team handled everything from start to finish and answered every question I had. The installation was quick and completed without a hitch. They were discreet and involved my preference throughout the whole process. Thank you for delivering a quality work. I would be more than happy to refer PMCE to my friends and family.”

Mr Adrian - Lentor Green Resident

“It all started with a phone call and an immediate follow up. Proposal with actual site measurements was prompt. Everything went well from the beginning to end. I am pleased and appreciate the professionalism delivered by PMCE and special thanks to Mr Satish. Thank you for your quick response and service delivery. I am happy to recommend PMCE to anyone willing to go solar”

Mr Tan - Pheng Geck Resident

Past pRojects

Solar panels Singapore Lengkong Lima

Lengkong Lima Singapore


Solar Panels: 52 Panels

Roof Type: RC Roof

Solar panels installation in Singapore Springleaf Height

Springleaf Height Singapore


Solar Panels: 45 Panels

Roof Type: Metal Roof

Tile-Roof-Solar Panels Installation- Jalan Kelempong Singapore

Jalan Kelempong Singapore


Solar Panels: 40 Panels

Roof Type: Tile Roof

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