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Our Story

We are a trusted solar panel specialist in Singapore that has one goal in mind, to further the use of solar energy by introducing its benefits and providing low cost services so people will be encouraged to shift to it. Our solar company’s journey began from implementing Solar Energy Solutions for landed property homes. Electricity prices have increased by 18% since Dec 2017 and prices are projected to rise consistently by at least 3- 5% every year. This prompted us to start our solar energy company in Singapore to provide alternative energy sources for residential properties. Homeowners who worked hand-in-hand with our solar panel specialists have reaped benefits saving up to 80% of their monthly bills at affordable rates. Excess energy generated from solar will be exported to the grid and used as credits to either offset your PUB bills. With the help of our solar company, many homes have started generating their own electricity resulting in reduced consumption island wide, ultimately driving down energy costs.


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We are a Local Company

PMCE (Global) Specializes in Solar Panel Installation for Residential and Commercial Buildings. Starting of as a distributor for Solar Panels and Inverters, PMCE has developed a vast network in the Solar Sector. We aim to provide customers with a valuable investment through our quality workmanship and service excellence.

We believe in Quality

PMCE underwent multiple challenges but most importantly accumulated skills, know-how and experience in providing energy saving solutions for residential and commercial buildings. We are highly customer centric which is important in developing trust and confidence for consumers over us. PMCE delivers worthy investment practices aligning with our client’s vision.

Vision & Mission

PMCE aims to be a reputable and respectable global player in the Solar sector. Our aim is to reduce carbon footprint worldwide and raise awareness on the benefits of going solar.

Our mission is to procure projects at highly competitive prices providing customers with an attractive return of investment and deliver quality performance on time.

Why Choose Us?



PMCE is not like your ordinary solar energy company. Our solar company is born from the aspiration to help our countrymen in their shift to renewable, clean and cost-effective energy resources. As a solar panel specialist, we aim to deliver services that can make solar panel installation more affordable and efficient for homeowners and business owners alike. PMCE is also constantly looking for ways to further minimise the expenses and environmental risks that come with solar energy utilisation. Although considered the best alternative energy source in Singapore, there are still some drawbacks in using solar energy when it comes to the cost of installation and the carbon footprint associated with the maintenance work. Our solar energy company is working on limiting these drawbacks further so more and more people can benefit from solar power.


Our PMCE Team

Satish Prasath

Founder & Director

Daryl Tang

Co-Founder & Climate Change Enthusiast

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