Solar Leasing: Instant Savings at Zero Upfront Cost!

Reap the savings from solar energy instantly without any upfront cost.

With PMCE Solar Leasing contract , we will fund, install, operate and maintain a modern and efficient Solar PV System on your premise roof-top or vacant area. You will enjoy the immediate savings of using the sun’s energy to power your building vs paying the full rate of buying electricity from SP Group or the open energy market.


and how we’ve made it even simpler and easier to reap the benefits.

Zero Cost

Why pay even before you start saving? With zero upfront cost, it’s easy to enjoy real savings by getting your energy needs from the sun!

No Operating, Maintenance or Servicing Fee

PMCE will handle any maintenance or servicing throughout the solar leasing contract, hassle free.  

Instant Energy, Instant Savings

Your savings starts immediately when the solar panels are installed and the first ray of sunlight shines on the panels. 

Long Term Savings

Electricity savings are long term, year after year.

Low Carbon Emission + Good CSR

Besides lowering carbon emission and boosting CSR, building roof with solar panels installed will naturally be cooler as solar panels reduces the heat from direct sunlight.

Performance Guaranteed

PMCE guarantee the performance of our solar panels for the entire duration of the solar leasing contract.

Zero Cost, High Savings

Utilise your commercial, industrial and MCSTs rooftop to generate electricity and savings without paying a single cent.

“Why waste the electricity bill savings with every single day your roof top lays bare?”

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