While installing a solar panel roof is understandably a difficult task, the good news is that you’re not required to do it yourself; today, you can easily get a solar company in Singapore to do that for you. Nevertheless, it always pays to be aware of the various measures that professionals take to install these panels, both for the sake of their own safety, and to ensure that the panels are properly installed and working right away to start cutting energy costs. If you’re considering getting them for your home, here are some measures vital to a successful installation.

Getting the Right Individuals

Getting the Right Individuals-Solar panel Singapore

The safe installation of a solar panel roof starts with the personnel; they are required to carry out the installation safely and be adequately trained to handle emergency situations effectively. To do that, these individuals should be physically fit and well equipped in skills and safety equipment. Some steps taken to ensure a high level of preparedness include regular monitoring of the physical fitness of the personnel from our solar company in Singapore as they are often required to perform strenuous tasks. We also ensure that they possess valid medical certifications for the jobs at hand, as well as the required personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety shoes, helmets, body harnesses, and so on. On top of that, we also enforce a strict no-alcohol policy on the job for obvious reasons. Additionally, modern medical science has linked exposure to sunlight to various illnesses, such as skin cancer. As installing a solar panel roof often exposes our workers to harsh sunlight, they are required to be covered by wearing hats, covered gear, and sunscreen for good measure.

Solar Panel Installation Checklist

Solar Panel Installation Checklist-Solar panel Singapore

To ensure that solar panels in Singapore are installed properly and safely, there’s a checklist of important points that should be strictly adhered to. Most solar companies in Singapore conduct job safety analysis prior to every project in line with the checklist. This helps the team identify necessary precautionary measures that should be taken to ensure a smooth installation process. The checklist covers all aspects of the installation, from start to finish.

For instance, rooftops must be surveyed for plot points before installation; and the attachment of modules to machinery like a crane or forklift must be secured by a qualified person. During installation, thorough checks on the panel cables must be done to ensure that they’re not damaged; and the installation staff must wear goggles and face shields during the welding of the system. These are just a few examples of the many rigorous steps taken to safeguard the panels and our workers.

Solar Panel Handling Guidelines

Solar Panel Handling Guidelines-Solar panel Singapore

While the installation site, accompanying tools and machinery, and personnel are all important pieces of the process, the solar panels themselves are equally crucial to the entire project, and should therefore be treated as such — with utmost care. Solar panels in Singapore can be heavy and awkward to lift due to their weight. Whilst carrying these panels from one place to another, injuries like pulled muscle and sprains can occur. Typically, two people are required to lift a solar panel, and they shouldn’t lift panels up ladders under any circumstances; this is why cranes and forklifts are required on-site.

Another risk pertaining to solar panels is accidental burns. The moment solar panels are unboxed, they start absorbing heat, making the surfaces extremely hot to touch. This is why panels should be covered with opaque paper to prevent heat from building up. 

Solar panel installations don’t have to be worrisome; Perry Management Clean Energy is a solar company in Singapore dedicated to safe and efficient solar panel installations for residential buildings, so get yours today with a peace of mind. For more information about our services, please visit our website.

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